A traveling exhibit designed to Inform, Inspire and Challenge its viewers to be the Change necessary to stop our national culture of violence. The exhibit is a simple strand of 15,000 bullet casings. These bullets represent what according to FBI statistics is the average number of people murdered in the United States each year. Some of these bullets will be engraved with the names of family, police officers, veterans, children and ordinary Americans who have lost their lives. This half-mile long strand ideally is displayed over a bridge's pedestrian walkway. Along the bridge deck and beside the artwork will be informational callouts at various intervals corresponding to the number of bullets passed, calling attention to how may people have died in the exhibit host's community or state that year. Furthermore, the exhibit will spotlight significant information of national merit, such as the total number of victims who died during 9/11.

I chose bridges for two reasons. First, many bridges have the unobstructed length that this project needs. Also, they symbolize passage. Bridges allow us to travel from where we are to where we want to go. When a visitor walks over a bridge at the start of this project, they are going on a journey. My hope is that at the end of their walk, they will be inspired to move their lives and this nation further along a path toward a less violent America. Please note that this exhibit can be placed in any expansive area, such as a city park or county fairgrounds. Maybe, one day, it will be located on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The Beginning

This project began in May of 2008, as an offshoot of a larger project entitled "The California Crime Victim Awareness and Rehabilitation Project." This is a memorial that I am working to erect in Oakland, CA. It is made primarily of gun casings, one for each person who has been a victim of a fatal crime in California. However, in the process of getting this monument approved and built, I learned that my nephew had been murdered. What had started as a local project to honor people and give others who have made bad choices a chance for redemption has now grown and become personal. Together with friends and volunteers we are on a quest to try and stop the slaughter of our children, families and the future of the America that we love. I felt a need to bring as much attention to what I see as no less than a national crisis. Furthermore, I saw the need for a project that would be bigger than one city or even the great state of California. Moreover, I wanted to do something that I could do myself or with the help of friends and the American people. I wanted to create something that I could take to all corners of this country that are touched by violence. I wanted to give people everywhere a voice and a chance to both remember the lost and challenge all of us to save the living. This is why I need your help.

How you can help?

Donations to this project are an obvious answer. So, too, is talking about what we are trying to do to end senseless, tragic violence in our cities, towns, communities and in our homes. Sponsor this exhibit so that we can bring it to your town. Speak with your local, state and national representatives about the need to find ways to fight violent crime at its root. And finally, please support our initiative, Programs 4 Love and organizations that are trying to make our world a better and safer place for all.

Be Blessed,